About Us

Who We Are

Through the journey of life, man gets introduced to different cultures and visits various countries. However only one story lasts and stays forever in the memory in order to be narrated to the next generations. Only that one, man can count on. We, Monument Compony, are your window to witness Kuwait as no body ever witnessed before. We won't show you history, but rather we'll take you there!

Goals of group trips

Create a state of enjoyable and knowledgeable partnership while getting introduced to tourist attractions.
Group trips allows you to gain a fresh and creative atmosphere.
Allows families and friends to save their expenses by visiting the entertaining attractions together.

Social Responsibility

Monument Company seeks to have an effective role in society by participating and supporting projects which build the individual and enlights him, in addition to contribute in voluntarily charity which servers Kuwait country.

Monument's Contributions

Monument contributed in supporting "The Young Trader" project which was held by Manpower and Government Reconstructing Program with the assistance of Ministry of Education and licensed trainees from consultancy and training institutes, and that was done by providing gifts to high school and middle school students. The goal of the project was to prepare an educated generation in freelance trading.