Terms & Conditions

Monument Company

a limited liability company specialized in organizing the collective tourist trips and programs for the individuals, families, groups, Official delegations, and the visiting tourists for the touristic attractions and heritage inside the state of Kuwait on top level and with distinct potentials and methods throughout the year.

This term and conditions are applicable to all trips and programs provided by the company.


The user and all dealers on Monument Website shall acknowledge that it is the owner of the trademark registered solely on the website, and it shall have the right to question its user and imitator legally.


The website user, upon request, shall furnish all the required and authentic data, bears the full responsibility about any forgery or changing for that.


The registrar shall acknowledge that the agreement is available on the electronic page of the company through which the contracting shall be made by the company and the participants and signing on a binding and firm basis, serves as the hard copies completely with the same legal effect. Accordingly, the purchasing and contracting shall be made and considered as a correct and recognized.


Refund Policy

Under this clause, the Participant knows that he shall not be able to refund the reservation value of his trip, in case the reason of missing the trip time is attributable to him. Also, it is not permissible to refund the ticket value less than one week before the trip date or elapsing of two weeks from the reservation date, whichever is earlier. It is not permissible to refund the reservation value, which is paid within a limited offer period.

Force Majeure & Compensation

The participant acknowledges that in case of a force majeure is occurred to the company which resulted in delaying or cancelling the trip start time for any reason beyond the company’s control, then the Participant have the right only to maintain the reservation and utilize such reservation in another trip to be organized by the company, upon the availability of all requirements including the numbers necessary for starting this trip or program.

Lost & Found

The participant acknowledges and undertakes to keep and maintain his personal luggage and belongings inside the transportation means throughout the trip as well as all places where he goes, and he shall be responsible for loss of any luggage at his own risk. The company shall not be responsible for any loss & found.



The company shall update the terms and conditions, as required, for providing the necessary service and maintaining the required rights. The user’s continuing using of the company’s services means that he is aware of the recent updates that may arise on these terms and conditions in the future and agrees thereon.


In case the participant or registrar violates these terms and conditions, or exposing the company for any damage, risk, judicial accountability, or misusing the service, accordingly the company shall have the right to cancel the participant’s reservation. The company shall also be entitled to claim compensation for any damages may be occurred as a result of the above.


Monument company offer photographing services on trips to document all history of tours. Olso, to share it with its customers in social media and websites. This happen in open places (not personally) and with agreement of customer by service application or e mail request. therefore, customer don’t have right to complain about it after he gave agreement on it.

Monument Co. to provide assistance services for the visitors Kuwait – Hawalli – Block 4 – Ibn Khaldoun St. – Plot 401 – Al-Fadhala Tower Floor 12 – Office (22)